Furniture in Azerbaijani

We continue to improve our Azerbaijani vocabulary. This time we will talk about furniture items in Azerbaijani. We have prepared a video lesson to help you. This will make it easier for you to memorize Azerbaijani words. These words will be useful for beginners as well as advanced learners of Azerbaijani because furniture is a common topic in Azerbaijani and these words can be used in everyday conversation.

Words on the topic furniture in Azerbaijani

Learning furniture in Azerbaijani and English translations facilitates the daily use of the language. What if one day you had to express the things that you come across at home and use in some way in Azerbaijani? Or what if you had to mention these items in Azerbaijani in a different way? In order not to get into a difficult situation, we thought about this for you and listed the most used popular furniture items in Azerbaijani.

The English equivalent of the word "qonaq otağı" is "living room". This word, which we have obtained the expression "room for guests" with literal translation, is used in the expression of areas such as living room and hall. Living rooms are the areas where we usually sit and chat with our guests and engage in various activities. Of course, we can easily express which items should be found in a living room in our own language. What about the words on the topic furniture in Azerbaijani? The importance of knowing living room furniture in Azerbaijani will actually come across you most clearly in your shopping. Let's say you have moved to a wonderful apartment in Azerbaijan and you want to shop for your living room, let's take a look at the Azerbaijani equivalents of furniture items so that you can easily express which product you want for both online and physical shopping.

In addition to the words on the topic furniture in Azerbaijani, you should also know other words in Azerbaijani for objects in the house. There are other articles on our site on this theme. You can also learn words in Azerbaijani on the topic: Kitchen. Each of these lessons will increase your vocabulary and you will know all the words in Azerbaijani for that topic.

Furniture items in Azerbaijani

Furniture in Azerbaijani

Sayings about furniture in Azerbaijani

"Meymun baxdı güzgüyə, adını qoydu özgəyə" - The monkey looked in the mirror and named the other ( This proverb is used when a person who is ashamed or has another defect blames another for the same defect. )

Pronunciation of furniture items in Azerbaijani

Bunk bed

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