School supplies in Azerbaijani

In modern society, school plays an important role in ensuring children's right to education. School is our second home. We never forget the work of our teachers, who played an important role in our development as true citizens. School is the spiritual cradle of the people. The school does not teach literacy, arithmetic and the secrets of various sciences alone. At school, they also teach how to live. The more the state cares for schools, the brighter its future will be. Students are not just a group of children, they represent a community of children who live by organic laws and go through a process of development. In this lesson we will learn words in Azeri about school.

Today's article will be about words related to school supplies in the Azerbaijani language. The article contains words that you can come across at school. The article will be useful for students, parents and English teachers who go to school.

School has a big role for every state. The development of science and culture is impossible without educated people. Therefore, we should study well and express our gratitude to our school in this way. We need to read well so that the suffering of teachers who are suffering on the way to our literacy does not go away. It is based on a person's attitude to school, his inner culture and kindness, and the level of respect for his nation. It is our duty to look at the school as a sacred place and pass it on to future generations. The school has always been the center of wisdom of the nation.

Attendance and level of education of children in schools in Azerbaijan is assessed on a 5-point scale. Unsatisfactory are rated 1 and 2. Suitable for a satisfactory 3 price. This is the lowest satisfactory price. A grade of 4 is given to good students and is considered an average grade. 5 is an excellent price and allows the best.

School supplies in Azerbaijani

Words in Azeri about school

Proverbs about school and education in Azerbaijani

"Bilikli adamın bir günü nadan adamın bütün ömrünə bərabərdir." - One day of educated man is equal to the life of an ignorant person.

"Biləyi güclü birini yıxar, biliyi güclü minini." - Man with strong wrist can knock down one, man with strong knowledge can knock down thousands.

"Həcdən gələn mən, Məkkədən xəbər verən sən?" - I am who came from Hajj, are you the one who informs about Mecca? ( This proverb is usually used when a person in a case is arguing with someone who is not familiar with the case. )

"Elmsiz adam qanadsız quş kimidir" - A man without knowledge is like a bird without wings

"Savadsız adam kor kimidir." - An illiterate person is like a blind man.

"Heç kim müdrik doğulmayıb." - No one is born wise.

"Bilməmək eyib deyil, soruşmamaq eyibdir." - It is not a shame not to know, it is a shame not to ask.

"Elmsiz adam meyvəsiz ağac kimidir." - A man without knowledge is like a tree without fruit.

"Məkkəyə gedən dəvə hacı olmaz." - A camel going to Mecca will not be a pilgrim.

Writing and pronunciation of school supplies in Azerbaijani

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